7 Fashion Trends Guys Love To Hate

This was such a fun piece to read and it puts a fun spin on how “trendy” clothes are seen by opposing genders. To steal a phrase from the author, all hail the top knot and all hail being trendy.


There are certain trends guys just hate, and we simply have no idea why, because to us, they rock. Trends in girl world exceed all expectations. However, we must recognize that fashion and trends are often for girls, just to impress other girls. Here are a few fashion trends that girls and guys just don’t see eye to eye on.

Girls love a good topknot, and why shouldn’t they? They’re trendy AF. I’m kind of sick of this whole “guys like your hair down” nonsense, especially since I am a firm believer in the topknot. The first time my ex-boyfriend saw my hair in a topknot bun, he shrieked, “What is this?” To his disgust, I replied in the only way I knew how, by sporting my hair in that very fashion all too often. Always say yes to the topknot.

Girls love showing off their midriff, but that’s…

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