Shameless Self-Promotion (although, what is a blog really if not constant self-promotion, so maybe promoting myself on my own blog has reached the level of shameful self promotion, if that’s even a thing… well anyways, here’s my artsy/Etsy stuff, along with possibly the longest blog post title in the world)

Summer 2013 430

In eighth grade, I started painting pottery with what has now become my signature style. Now, my painting hobby has transformed into a business (but not really because I’ve only sold two things… awkward). Basically I sell my clothes on Etsy (at and at Yellow Boutique in Saratoga Springs, and Skidmore’s Ujima Fashion Show will feature some of my clothes in the spring (assuming I get my act together)! So here are some of the things I’ve made, either to sell, or just for funsies. If you like what you see, I also do custom orders/installations/designs.

Yellow Ad

Westchester Shirt  Bow Shirt at Yellow Eugene Shirt Spring 2013 052 IMG_6644  Spring 2013 053 Spring 2013 054 Spring 2013 055 Spring 2013 056 Spring 2013 057 Spring 2013 058 Spring 2013 059 Onesies 003 Onesies 006 Summer 2013 069 Summer 2013 054 Summer 2013 194 Summer 2013 220 Summer 2013 335 Summer 2013 221    Summer 2013 223 Summer 2013 226 Summer 2013 246 Summer 2013 263 Summer 2013 257  Summer 2013 249 Summer 2013 337 Summer 2013 251    Summer 2013 348 Summer 2013 423 Summer 2013 427


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