Frequently Asked Questions (For Which I Remain Answerless)

“Are you okay?” Why don’t you ask me again, but this time not in that condescending tone that makes you seem like you care. Thanks. “Yeah, I’m fine.” “Oh, okay, you just look really sad.” “Nope, I’m just tired.” Well, now I’m sad, because clearly I look like shit. I’m sorry, am I not allowed to stand outside waiting for a friend to walk to class without being bombarded with questions concerning my wellbeing? Besides, it’s not like you care how I’m doing anyways, so why on earth are you asking? Similarly, I love the teacher comment, “you look tired.” Do I? Really? I wonder why. Maybe it’s because you assigned so much goddamn homework that I couldn’t go to sleep at a normal hour. Thank you, though, for checking in on me and TELLING me I look tired. In case feeling tired wasn’t enough, the thing we college students really need is for our professors to tell us they can see the bags under our eyes. Thanks a lot.


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