23 Signs You Go To A Small Liberal Arts College In The Northeast

1. You know all the best ways to get to class in the snow. And you know when it’s worth it to take the long way around if it means avoiding getting precipitated on.

Liberal Arts - Snow Tunnel

2. You know the repertoire of all the A Cappella groups. This also means you can sing along to their classics and pretend to be part of the group.

Liberal Arts - A Cappella

3. You know where your professors live. And what cars they drive. And the names of their kids. And pets…

Liberal Arts - Professor's House

4. Your wardrobe is now the same as every other person at your school. It consists of the entirety of Forever 21 and H&M.

Liberal Arts - Uniform

5. The green is always full (because there’s only one that people are ever on). And you always pretend you can actually get work done out there…



6. You know who someone has hooked up with even if you don’t know their name. Once in a while you make eye contact with them and think to yourself, “Oh my god I know so many things about you. Do random people know this stuff about me…?”

Liberal Arts - Hookup

7. Your school has a collection of made up sports that are more popular than your real sports. Because let’s be real, if it’s not D1, it doesn’t really matter.

Log Rolling. It's a real sport. Apparently...

Log Rolling. It’s a real sport. Apparently…

8. When you meet someone new, you look at them like they’ve just survived the zombie apocalypse. Because after the first week of freshman year, you kind of just assume you’ve met everyone.

Liberal Arts - Meeting Someone New

9. If you make a poor choice, it will follow you for the next four years. Chances are it’ll live right next to you next year too.

Liberal Arts - Regret

10. You’ve been to the president’s house on multiple occasions. You’re pretty chummy with their spouse too.

Liberal Arts - President's House

11. Everyone instagrams the same tree when it changes color in the fall. And don’t even talk about when the first snowfall happens.

This is the one I took.

This is the one I took.

12. You don’t declare your major until the end of your sophomore year, and only because they made you. “I guess I’ll just pick the one that I have the most credits in…”

Liberal Arts - Choosing a Major

13. Whenever a comedy group is performing it’s like national news. If you don’t go, you know you’ll never hear the end of “oh my god it was so funny there was meditation and then porn and then someone had praying mantis arms, it was hilarious, well I guess you had to be there.”

One time, our comedy group was national news. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves.

One time, our comedy group was national news. We didn’t even know what to do with ourselves.

14. When someone has actually heard of your school and you don’t have to say, “I go to ________________, it’s a small liberal arts school in ________________,” it’s the most exciting thing since Obama’s reelection. You have a minor conniption if they’ve even heard of the city it’s in.

You might as well go to SHIT, for all they're concerned.

You might as well go to SHIT, for all they’re concerned.

15. The captain of the soccer team is also the president of the knitting club and the secretary of student government. Because the ratio of overachievers to total population is 1:1.

Liberal Arts - Knitting

16. You can’t even hate anyone properly because at some point you get to know them well enough to see the good in them. You want to hate them so badly but then they did that really nice thing for your friend one time and it kind of makes you hate them more.

Liberal Arts - Hate

17. You know everyone’s siblings because they also go here. #legacylife anyone?

Liberal Arts - Siblings

18. Even the business majors who are on sports teams are double majoring in something like studio art. And then you feel like an underachiever for only having one major and a minor.

Liberal Arts - Double Major

19. In winter you don’t go to the gym because it’s too cold to walk there. Honestly, it’s just not worth it – you’d spend half your time there just defrosting anyways.

Liberal Arts - Gym

20. You know exactly who will be at every party, so you don’t go out. Because, let’s be real, it’ll just be a repeat of last weekend, and nobody needs that. What you need is a nice night in. And Netflix.

21. You have campus safety, not campus police, and you know them by first name. You also know which ones will yell at you and which ones will just tell you to pour out your drink and turn down the music.

You also know they won't believe you when you say "I wasn't testing it, I slipped and just grabbed the emergency button..."

You also know they won’t believe you when you say “I wasn’t testing it, I slipped and just grabbed the emergency button to catch myself…”

22. You know where to find everyone in the dining hall. And it throws off your entire day if the anime kids sit at the hockey table.

Liberal Arts - Dining Hall

23. The amount you go out and the temperature vary inversely with each other. Because short skirt + party < bed + hot chocolate.

Liberal Arts - Party in Snow


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