“I Know, I’ll Take A Meditation Class”


This is what happens to normal people when they meditate.

I mean, really, how hard can it be to meditate, right? Seems simple enough – you sit around and you clear your mind – it’s wakeful relaxation. I can totally do that. WRONG. Signing up for a weekly meditation class probably works better when you actually want to learn how to meditate. What have I learned through the course of the class? I’ve learned that I am just really bad at meditating. Usually when I tell people this, they tell me that it’s impossible to be bad at meditating. They are wrong. My class has about twenty people in it, two teachers, and zero motivation to stay awake. In the few cases when I have not fallen asleep while doing a sitting meditation or a body scan, I have been so caught up on how bad everyone’s sock-covered feet smell that I cannot “clear my brain” any better than one could clear one’s brain in a room that’s on fire. The one other possibility that I face when going into this two hour class is that I will worry about all the work I could be getting done in two hours and then by the time the class is over I am too tired to do it. I’m a mess. I think I just don’t really get it. I like to talk, I like to be around other people, I like to have things going on; I can’t wrap my head around emptying my mind and just being. Let’s face it, I just get bored. I think that meditation can work wonders for some people. I am just not one of them. Neither is my mother. She is participating in the same course back home and once in a while we talk about how much we struggle with it. Neither of us can or want to find the time outside of class to practice meditating, because we know it will just cause us to fall asleep. And don’t even get me started on the yoga part… “Great,” I think, “yoga, that’s way more my style. It’s movement and focusing on muscles and my body, I can definitely do this – this will be MY kind of meditation.” Wrong again. If you are a competitive person (like I am) then meditative yoga will probably not be your thing. You may find yourself far too caught up in how high you can lift your leg compared to everyone else in the class or making sure that you prove that you are the most flexible of the group to focus on your body movements. Just a possibility. I wouldn’t know from experience or anything. So what will I walk away from this class with? Two unopened meditation CDs, a better grasp of the concept of meditation, and a firm understanding that I will probably need to find other ways to relax and get in touch with myself.

This is what happens to me when I try to meditate.

This is what happens to me when I try to meditate.


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