Apple Picking

Apple Picking is by far my favorite fall activity. It is the quintessential act of autumn, along with going to a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. Apple picking is one of the reasons I left the west coast and came back east for college – it just feels right to be able to go out on a crisp fall day and walk around a muddy orchard picking out the perfect apples. Not to mention all the other fun things that come with apple picking – the apple cider that is freshly pressed, the apple pies, the cider donuts; basically everything fun and delicious. I look forward to the fall every year, and I always love taking pictures at the apple orchards with my friends. So, given that, I have put together a perfect outfit for apple picking. Its fun layered look will keep you warm in the cool air, and it is still comfortable and casual enough to traipse through the mud and climb through the trees. It’s not fall if there aren’t apples, so get picking!
photo - Copyphoto (These are some pictures I took while apple picking earlier today)
Apple Picking

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