Style Challenge

Style Challenge!

Style Challenge!

Ever get up in the morning, throw on jeans and a t-shirt, walk out of the house, and think to yourself, “wow, I look like shit”? Well, this week I will be challenging myself to wear blue jeans and a black shirt every day for all seven days to prove to myself that I can still look cute and stylish doing it. I’ll be changing up the styling and accessories each day, while maintaining the black shirt, blue jean combo. I’m hoping to come up with a bunch of different easy  and fashionable go-to outfits for lazy mornings so that I can leave the house without being disappointed in my outfit. Stay tuned for updates on how it’s going! I’ll be posting a full summary of the week next weekend, when I have completed the challenge. If you’re in my boat and wake up late and then see how well everyone else is dressed and feel disappointed in your ability to pick something cute out of your extensive closet, take the leap and do the challenge with me!


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