Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes

As Halloween quickly approaches, costume ideas are filling my head. This is a weird experience for me because I usually have absolutely no ideas for costumes whatsoever, especially for myself (luckily, my recent change in hair color has made coming up with costumes exponentially easier). Earlier today, I found myself coming up with a costume idea for a couple at my school who I’ve never talked to (the idea was Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in “Everything Has Changed”)… SO, for everyone out there who has absolutely no idea what to wear this Halloween, I’ve come up with a few fun, flirty, pop-culture Halloween ideas specifically for 2013! Here they are:
1&2. “Orange is the New Black” has quickly become the most talked about show at my school, and elsewhere, so I thought it was only appropriate to make a costume devoted to it. Actually, I made two! The first one is Piper, the lead, and the second one is the rest of the inmates. This would be an absolutely amazing group costume, so grab a few of your friends, and pull together the easiest costume ever!
3. On first glance, my choice of the Statue of Liberty may not make complete sense, but given the recent government shutdown, I thought it would be clever to do a “Statue of Liberty During Her Off-Time” costume.
4. Miley, Miley, Miley. Let’s all collectively sigh for the amount of drama this girl has brought to the media recently. Though I think the criticism of her is way off-mark (I’ll get into that another time), and I still happen to love her and her music, I figured a Miley costume was very relevant to fall 2013. Miley is currently THE Hollywood drama (replacing Lindsay and Britney), so what costume would be more fun? (Side note: This costume should probably only be worn somewhere warm, given that it is almost naked… Although I guess if you really wanted to pull a Miley you could just go full birthday suit).
5. Even though I haven’t watched “Breaking Bad,” I still recognize how culturally important it has been recently, especially with the finale having just aired. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Facebook posts about a TV show ever. This costume is really easy to put together, and really easily recognizable, not to mention comfortable!
6. Ylvis’s “The Fox” has become wildly popular, despite the extreme weirdness of the lyrics. As the song grows on me (and gets stuck in my head ALL THE TIME), I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is going to be the new “Call Me Maybe,” so why not embrace the cuteness of the song’s subject and rock a foxy (pun completely intended) costume this Halloween?
7. The Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith Tribute costume is a sweet way to memorialize the man who made us realize that football players could be singers and vice versa. Chances are you and your friends may have a lot of the pieces of this outfit already, so why not use them to honor and remember Cory Monteith?
I hope these ideas help your costume planning, especially because Halloween is spanning two Halloweekends this year, so take advantage of as many costumes as you can! Happy Halloween!

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